How long it takes to replace kitchen faucet

Did you know there are few things which look more like you need a professional specialist for the task to be finished by it also give you an opportunity to look into the matter yourself and fix it. Plumbing is a necessary need for almost in every society, and when we think about it, you have to be very patient because plumbers take the time to come down to your place and do the job. When we think of the issue, you need to master a couple of skills that can help you fix the problem faster. In this discussion, we are going to explain how you can fix your kitchen faucet properly.

To begin the process, you need to follow the instructions to change the faucet. The following steps would be DIY and easy to follow. So let’s initiate the process.

How Long It Takes To Replace Kitchen Faucet?

You may have the question in your mind that how long does it take? It depends on the size, Faucet type, and your skills. We will go through the replacing procedure then you can estimate the time consume in the process. Check this article which shows top 10 models available in market.

How Can I Replace  Kitchen Faucet?

  1. First of all, things you need to have is Tools, Location of pipelines, Turning off or cut off the water supply and measure the faucet size.
  1. Open the faucet and then relieve the pressure.
  2. The time has come to turn off the water supply and make sure to do it because while changing the water will be leaked through the open wall.
  3. By using the necessary tools you can remove the Nuts from the bottom and start disassemble it.
  4. If your sink has a hose to the faucet, then disconnect it or else leave it if your sink doesn’t have a hose.
  5. After the nuts are removed, you can take the old one out and start cleaning the surface.
  6. Remember, every faucet comes with a set of instructions, which you have to read to finish the task faster and it will be helpful if you are doing it for the first time. Measure the distance, size for the new one to fit.
  7. Plumber use the putty to seal the base and you can use the putty to seal the base. If there are any edges exposing then you can apply some putty to the edges as well.
  8. If the water line and gasket have worn off then consider to replace them.
  9. Add some weight to the Pull-out-spray to retract
  10. Double check everything because you may have missed something during the process. Once it is done, you can reconnect the gasket, water lines and turn on the water supply.

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usually, it takes around 15 minutes to replace the faucet but if you are doing it for the first time then you can take your own time to get it fixed. We would like to know your thoughts on how it has went for you and what are the things a starter should be taking in the comment section.


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Repairs and Renovation

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Work in Progress & Chains

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Energy Efficiency

New build properties are typically more ‘green’ than the pre-owned and are usually better for the environment and in theory, better for your pocket. Many modern properties include products such as fridge-freezers, stoves, water-heaters and washing machines that are high-efficiency, costing you less and protecting Mother Nature. An older property (depending on its age) is not likely to have these features. When you’re living in the property, the amount you use will determine the price of your utility bills, so it’s helpful to begin with products that use less energy.

The ‘Gut’ Feeling

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