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Home improvement grants are available in the UK from a variety of sources. Although most are through government programs, there are a few charities and private companies that also offer grants.

Home improvements can range from simple repair jobs to major renovations, such as installing a new heating system or wheelchair ramp. In particular, the elderly and disabled may be eligible for large home improvement grants in the UK.

There are also several options for free environmentally friendly home improvements.

According to the Energy Saving Trust there are hundreds of grants available for environmentally friendly home improvements.

These range from installing new attic insulation to covering the cost of an energy efficient boiler. The Energy Saving Trust also offers a search facility and advice service to find additional available grants.

New regulations proposed by the government will prevent people making significant home improvements unless they also pay for energy saving measures such as loft or wall insulation for existing foundations at the same time.

The work, aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of Britain’s homes, will add 10 per cent to the cost of the initial project, with more expensive work such as conservatory extensions requiring a greater green outlay.

Home owners who are unable to afford the additional cost will be told to borrow it under the government’s Green Deal, under which the money is paid back with interest via energy bills.

The new regulations, which will apply to specified home improvements including loft and garage conversions, conservatory extensions, and boiler or window replacements, could come into effect as early as October when the Green Deal is set to be officially launched.…